For wrinkle-free skin, this method can be done every evening even when you are over 70: easy and fun.

anti wrinkle solution

How to have wrinkle-free skin even after the age of 70? As time goes on, collagen and elastin no longer develop and cause the skin to age. Taking into account that this is a natural event and that it affects everyone, there are ingredients that can slow down aging . Wellness professionals reveal a secret for creating a DIY substance with only natural ingredients.

Wrinkle-free skin: the ingredients for the natural DIY product

There are some ingredients in nature rich in antioxidants and collagen. Their properties are optimal for developing elastin and making the skin even younger even at an advanced age. The face, as well as the skin of the body, should be continuously nourished and hydrated in order to counteract the natural aging of the tissues.

The main ingredients of this natural product are:

  • 2 cucumbers;
  • 4 bay leaves;
  • 1 handful of chamomile flowers or a filter;
  • waterfall.
chamomile for wrinkled skin

The first thing to do – as wellness experts teach – is to wash the two cucumbers and grate them with their peel. Take a container and with the help of a cloth, filter the liquid given by the grated cucumbers.

In the meantime, put the chamomile with the 4 bay leaves in a saucepan full of water . Boil everything together and leave for another 20 minutes so that the ingredients can meet.

cucumber skin without wrinkles

Once finished, let it cool and then filter the contents into a bowl. The chamomile liquid with bay leaves will need to join the liquid obtained from the cucumber. Mix vigorously to obtain a light green liquid mixture.

Do-it-yourself anti-wrinkle product: application and characteristics

The product is ready to be placed in a clean container with a spray bottle. This substance is great for wrinkle-free skin, to be applied in the morning and in the evening.

Product for wrinkle-free skin

To make this liquid to be vaporized a homogeneous cream, Aloe Vera gel can be added to the mixture . In this case the product will be applied to the skin and massaged.

In any case, before applying these products to the skin, do a small test on a corner of the hand or arm . When in doubt, always seek advice from a wellness professional.

Please remember that cucumber is a basic and protagonist ingredient for beauty recipes. A natural decongestant and antibacterial, as well as hydrating. It contains a good quantity of antioxidants as well as optimal quantities of Vitamins (including C). Together with chamomile and bay leaves, it constitutes an important combination for treating the skin and making it elastic.